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Toggle Fastener
used on swarm boxes

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View of toggle fastener Method of fixing toggle fasteners

The illustrations above are just over twice life size. The type that I have used can be purchased from E.H. Thorne & Co.

The fixing centres are nominally 28 mm in each direction, but when fitting them to a box the vertical centres should be stretched to about 29 mm which ensures a firm 'snap action'. They should be installed accurately, straddling the centre line.

To ensure the least danger of spitting the wood the horizontal joint should be arranged to fall halfway between the two pairs of fixing screws.

If many are to be fitted it would be prudent to make a drilling jig to enable perfect, repeatable positioning of the pilot holes... Which will ensure full interchangeability of lids and boxes when in actual use.

The fasteners can be locked by placing a split-pin or bent piece of wire through the hole that can be seen below the shackle in the side view above.

If the fasteners have been fitted, but are still loose they can be tightened by placing a thickness of cardboard between the lower portion and the box. Trim any excess card with a craft knife. If they are still loose after this treatment remove the fastener and fill the screw holes with tapered pegs and a little wood glue... Trim off the pegs and allow to dry, then refit from scratch.

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