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Top or Bottom Bee Space

If anyone knows of any inacuracies in this text I would be obliged to receive corrections.
Even many years before I started beekeeping I had a passionate interest in bees, beekeeping methods and beekeeping equipment. One of the things that interested me was the design of equipment. (By trade I was a design engineer and trouble shooter.) I saw various arguments in bee books about top or bottom bee space. As I intended to keep bees myself at some unspecified time in the future I decided to sort this out once and for all.

The way I aproached this was to form four columns on a large piece of paper these were "for top" "against top" "for bottom" "against bottom" I then read all I could (about 300 books) and whenever something was relevent I would put a one line note in the appropriate column. I have searched high and low for this document as it represented a great deal of effort, but I cannot find it! this is frustrating as would like to put together a definitive lecture on the subject. I will, when time permits, re-do this exercise but for the time being all I can offer is that there was an overwhelming set of reasons in favour of top bee space. As a result of this all the equipment that I have designed and built for my own use has been top bee space but in all other respects has been British Standard National. When I have re-gathered all the relevent information I will publish it here.

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