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Beekeeping Trade Websites

The @piservices site has a great many trade links. The Bees for development philosophy is to assist people living in poor and remote areas of the world, but they will sell you books as well. Peak bees are breeders and suppliers of Apis Mellifera Mellifera strains of bees. The specialities of the other links are obvious by the title.

Carl Fritz
Vita Europe (treatments)
Peak Bees

Beedata (Bee books)
Maisemore Apiaries
Bee Craft Magazine
Bayer Plc. (treatments)
Bees for Development

B.J. Sherriff Clothing
French Flint Ltd (jars)
BBNO (Bee books)
Brunel Microscopes

E.H. THORNE (Beehives) Ltd.
B.B. Wear (clothing)
First Honey (Cooperative)
Honeycomb Cosmetics
Apiservices (@piservices)

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