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Pollen Trapping
Pollen Traps
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Waxmoth Trap
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Wild Bee Trapping
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Traps and Trapping

This is a collection of items that are linked by the words trap or trapping. Some are designed for collecting bees or bee products and some are intended for collecting and killing pests.

Pollen is a saleable product in it's own right and is also very useful for providing adequate food resources for drone raising or queen raising.

Propolis has many uses and can be harvested for sale.

Waxmoths and Wasps are a nuisance and con be reduced in mumbers by the methods shown.

Swarm traps are used to attract and destroy unwanted swarms of honey bees and are notably use in USA to collect africanised honey bees. They should not be confused with bait hives used for attracting swarms that the beekeeper will use for his own purposes.

Dead bee traps and wild bee trapping are unusual and are not commonly employed.

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Written... 26 January 2002