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Thoughts on Tubular Perforated Sting Hooks

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These are "Brainstorming" suggestions...comments please.

As a Diabetic I have to inject myself four times a day...The needles I use are thin and strong and I think they lend themselves to a slightly different aproach which may speed up insemination work.

The standard insulin needle is fitted directly into a disposable plastic syringe.
The needle itself looks like this:-
Normal Needle

The modification consists of grinding the sharp tip away and cutting two grooves 0.15mm wide (or drilling an oblique 0.15mm hole) (existing perforated sting hooks have this size of hole)...the axial distance between the top and bottom grooves (or hole angle) would be a matter for experiment.
Needle Modifications
A groove may possibly be ground using a disc cut from a "blue" razor blade fitted to a "Dremel" mandrel and run in a paste made from pumice powder or Solvol Autosol (chrome cleaner).

A hole may be laser drilled or possibly spark eroded.

The prepared needle is then bent to shape...WHAT SHAPE is best?

I have not been able to find any reason to depart from the shape of the existing type of perforated sting hook. The next sketch gives the profile of such a hook.

Perforated Hook Profile

Whilst preparing this text I have had further ideas...It may be possible to thread the sting axially into the end and through the hole in the type of tool described by the following sketch:-
Latest Needle Modifications

The sting would rest in the groove in the lower part and a levering action would pull the vagina straight in a similar fashion to the way tweezers are used.

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