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Uniting Board
Operating Instructions

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Uniting Board Construction Details
(as manufactured by APEX Enterprises)

3rd Angle
Qty Req.length mmWidth mmThickness mmMaterialUsage
24601156exterior plymain rim
22301156exterior plymain rim
2460426exterior plyboard rim
2376426exterior plyboard rim
13753756exterior plydrop panel
4460199exterior plylong sides of upper and lower rim
4422199exterior plyother rim pieces

NOTE... 'other rim pieces', two of these require cutting to form under rim toggles. One of these requires cutting to form the entrance closure wedge. See Drawing below.

Plan of Bee Colony Uniting Board
Use 25 mm x #6 or #8 CSK screws for pivots.

Use 19 mm x #4 RHD screw as an entrance closure knob.

See also... Uniting Board Operating Instructions.

Drawing shows view on underside with drop panel removed.

Fix a single thickness of newspaper, with masking tape, as per red line.

Perforate the newspaper several times with a pin.

Use petroleum jelly on toggles, pivots and entrance block to avoid sticking.

Treat all other parts with linseed oil.

Drawn at a scale of 1 pixel = 1 mm to suit the British National hive.

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Originated... July 1999, Revised... 07 January 2003