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This table lists the types and sizes of the candle wick that I use myself.

As I have most sizes available most of the time I am prepared to sell 5 metre lengths of any type, (assuming I have that particular type in stock at the time) to other amateur candle makers. However this facility is only available to those that are able to collect such items from the beekeeping meetings that I attend.

CANDLE WICKS... all diameters are in mm and refer to the diameter of the finished candle that the wick is suitable for.

WICK Code.....BRAID CodeAlt. BRAID CodeBeeswax Candle DiameterParaffin Wax Candle DiameterWICK Code......BRAID CodeAlt. BRAID CodeBeeswax Candle DiameterParaffin Wax Candle Diameter
DAC 03/5/20Th 06.3512.7DAC 134x8+4x9+16TH 650.5N/A
DAC 13/6/208x3+6 TH 110.220.4DAC 148x10+16TH 755N/A
DAC 23/7/2012.725.4DAC 15??75?
DAC 33/8/201530DAC 16TH 8100N/A
DAC 43/9/2016.733.4
DAC 53/10/2019.138.2
DAC 63/11/2019.939.8
DAC 73/12/2021.242.4
DAC 83/14/208x4+8 TH 223.747.4
DAC 93/16/208x4+825.450.8
DAC 108x5+10TH 332N/A
DAC 118x6+12TH 438.3N/A
DAC 128x7+14TH 543.5N/A

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Originated... May 2000, Revised... 15 July 2003,

Candle icon Coding Standard 2003 Issue 2