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Mounting Honey Bee Wings For Morphometry

Various wing measurements can be made by using a 35 mm slide projector to project the images of mounted wings onto a white wall. The projector must be positioned so that the beam of light is perpendicular to the wall in both the horizontal and vertical plane, otherwise the distortion produced will affect the results.

A particular type of slide mount know as a "Gepe" is made in Sweden and widely available at photographic stores. It consists of two plastic half frames containing thin metal masks and each half frame is separately glazed.

Drawing of slide mount

Three strips of double sided adhesive tape 2 mm wide are applied as shown dividing the window into three "panes" (as per drawing on right).

The wings are placed in position and the wing root is pressed onto the sticky tape (a finger or small spatula will do this adequately).
Drawing showing sticky tape

Drawing showing completed 15 wing slide Photograph of completed 15 wing slide Your completed set of 15 wings should look like these... My first one was a bit wobbly, but I could still get the results when projected.

Suitable tools for picking up the individual wings for placement are described on the Microscopy Tools page. The mounted needle method actually causes less damage than using tweezers.

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