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For the uninitiated Fractal Art is a form of Digital Art or, if you prefer, Computer Art.
Fractal Art is generally created by
Fractal Artists using Fractal Software on a Computer.

This site is designed to be viewed at 1024*768 or higher
in true color (24 or 32 bit) mode.

Click here to enter the Fractal Showcase Gallery

Click on the fractal above to go to the Showcase Gallery or see more of
Dave's fractals in his fractal galleries at Renderosity or DigitalArt or DeviantArt:

Dave's Digital Art at Renderosity

MMF at DigitalArt

MMF at DeviantArt

Dave Makin's fractal art prints are available to view or buy
online at
David's art is available in several styles including abstract,
floral, aquatic and impressionist. All art prints are supplied
on high quality matte paper, Giclée on canvas or Durst Lambda.
You can even order your own unique limited edition custom
fractal art prints which are generated using numerical data you
supply ! Dave Makin's fractal prints are available in size A4 to A0
and are also available for use under license for publishing. Please
visit for more information.

If you like my work then I invite you to register the fact by becoming a fan !
Just go to "Makin' Magic Fractals" on Facebook, there is more of my Fractal Art in the photo collection.

Makin' Magic Fractals on Facebook

For anyone looking for MMF formulas for Ultrafractal
please get them from the Ultrafractal Formula Database:
If you're looking for MMFrac then you can get it from Dave's
site on Fortunecity:

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