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All graphics on this site are Copyright © David Makin.
Dave's fractals are available as ink-jet prints,
Giclée prints or Durst Lambda prints.
To buy prints of Dave's work or see more of his Fractal Art
please visit his main website:
In addition to normal prints you can also order customised
Limited Edition prints where the designs are based on
your specifications such as a style or season or even a special number.
Dave's work is also available for use under license.

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Alchemy Alchemy
And there was Light And there was light
Anemonies of Vega 5 Anemonies of Vega 5

Anguish Anguish
Aquamarine Aquamarine
Autumn Chill Autumn Chill

Blue Angel Blue Angel
Blue Beyond Blue Beyond
Boom ! Boom !

Cabbaged Cabbaged
Carmen Carmen
Cloud Kingdoms Cloud Kingdoms

Disturbed Tiles Disturbed Tiles
Epiphytes Epiphytes
Escape Escape

Forest Heat Forest Heat
Fractal Fruit Fractal Fruit
Future Fuchsia Future Fuchsia

Glasswork Glasswork
Gravity Storm Gravity Storm
Hacienda Hacienda

Hold On Hold On
It's life Jim It's life Jim
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith

Lifevine Lifevine
Light Without Heat Light Without Heat
Mandarin Mandarin

Mixed Reaction Mixed Reaction
Morning Glory Morning Glory
Natural Abstract #6 Natural Abstract #6

Night Flowers Night Flowers
On the Seabed On the Seabed
Overgrown Undergrowth Overgrown Undergrowth

Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising
Pulse Pulse
Relic Relic

Roof Roof
Sabotage Sabotage
Simplicity Simplicity

Solar City Solar City
Stained Leather Stained Leather
Sun Set Sun Set

Sunset Island Sunset Island
The Edge of Eternity The Edge of Eternity
The Enchanted Garden The Enchanted Garden

The Far Side The Far Side
The Journey The Journey
The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On

The Source The Source
The Torment of Orodruin The Torment of Orodruin
The Ugly Bug Ball The Ugly Bug Ball

Transmission Transmission
Tropical Fish Tropical Fish
Under Scrutiny Under Scrutiny

Vertigo Vertigo
Warp Factor 9 Warp Factor 9
Wild Magic of the Unbeliever Wild Magic of the Unbeliever

Winged Dreams Winged Dreams
Winter's Breath Winter's Breath
Wizardry Wizardry

Wraiths Wraiths

Name of a giant-killer.
In Florence, more than
life-size masterpiece,
hated by Philistines of old.

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