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Welcome to my links page

Page last updated 30th April 2006.

These links are in no particular order, currently these are
mainly links to other Art galleries I recommend you
take a look at when you have the time.

Please note that the thumbnail images used in these
links are copyright of the respective artists and
used with their consent.

Fractal Art Gallery links

Click to go to Elements of Design Elements of Design
(Colleen Deery)
Click to visit Andreas Lober's pages at Aartika! Andreas Lober

Click to go to Dan Kuzmenka's pages at Fractalus Daniel Kuzmenka
Click to visit the galleries of Dennis Magar Dennis Magar

Click to see Eva's galleries Eva
Click to go to the Fractal Flower Garden The Fractal
Flower Garden
(Arend Nijdam)

Click to go to Fractal Creations Fractal Creations
(Faye Williams)
Click to go to Gumbykat's pages at Fractalus Gumbykat

Click to go to Janet Parke Preslar's site (galleries plus lots of help for Ultrafractal) Janet Parke Preslar
Click to go to EBE Fractals EBE Fractals
(Laurent Antonini)

Click to visit Klaus-Peter Kubik's galleries Klaus-Peter Kubik
Click to visit Margriet de Leeuw's galleries Margriet de Leeuw

Click to go to Mark Townsend's pages at Fractalus Fractal Dimentia
(Mark Townsend)
Click to go to Morgen Bell's site Morgen Bell

Click to visit the galleries of Michèle Dessureault Michèle Dessureault
Click to go to Queri's galleries Queri

Click to visit Paul DeCelle's galleries Paul DeCelle
Click to go to Amazing Seattle Fractals Amazing Seattle Fractals
(Doug Harrington)

Click to visit the Paramethematical Gallery The
(Samuel Monnier)
Click to visit Pixel Arts Pixel Arts
(Sean Pratz)

Click to go to Thomas Emrich's gallery Thomas Emrich
Click to visit Sylvie Gallet's pages at Fractalus Sylvie Gallet

Click to go to Stotty's galleries Stotty
Click to visit Aartika! Aartika!
(Tina Oloyede)

Click to go to Wizzle's galleries Wizzle
Click to see the galleries of Yasuo Kamei Yasuo Kamei

Click to go to Sarah Scotland's galleries Sarah Scotland
Click to visit the galleries of Terry Wright Terry Wright

Click to go to Rykk's galleries Rykk
(Rick Spix)
Click to visit Keith Mackay's site. Keith Mackay

Click for Dennis Miller's site. Dennis Miller

Other Art Gallery links

Click to visit Gallimel's Unverse on the web. Gallimel
Click for Pat McNulty's photographic art Pat McNulty

Other links

Click to visit Parys Technografx.
Parys Technografx

That's all for now, I hope to add more links in future,
including some more general fractal links.
In the meantime if you want to browse through more
fractal galleries than is good for your sanity then
I suggest you go to the Infinite Fractal Loop homepage.

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