This is a picture of the old parish church of Alness as it is now. It is an empty shell without a roof. The windows have been boarded up, but one of the boards has fallen away (or more likely been pulled off). The interior is full of growing vegetation and also a large number of empty bottles. The burial ground around the church is very well kept and a haven of peace. There is a a newer extension right next to it where burials still continue.

And now situated only a short distance from from the ruined church of the old faith here below is a picture of one of the churches of the new age. Here come the supplicants with their votive offerings (50p) and their muttered orisons. They seek the cure not of sickness of their soul or a body of flesh and bone but of things of silicon, germanium, copper wires, invisible radiation in the aether for they are in thrall to the entity know as "IT" and the WAP goddess. Back over the wires the acolytes within gaze upon the icons and mutter their blessings and their spells back over the wires. "Click" they say "on my computer, and now on C-drive, and now on ...." And eventually the offending part is exorcised and in distant parts another PC regains its life and connects once again to the body of the internet faithful.