This is a summary of my Chattwood/Chatwood ancestors. For the most part I have spelt the name as 'Chattwood' partly because this is the variant I came across first, and also the variant that my own line of Chattwoods seem to have settled on. As we might expect even in the 1800s the spelling was very fluid and both spellings were often used used by the same person within their lifetime. In later years different branches of the family settled on one spelling or the other. "Chetwood" is another variation.

My earliest known relatives with the name are my 3g-grandparents, Edward and Hannah CHATTWOOD. Edward was a wheelwright and they are likely to have been living in Bury, Lancashire. By the early 1800s they were living in Edenfield a few miles north of Bury. Edward committed suicide in 1836 and the Coroner's report says he was lunatic. Hannah died in 1846 and is buried in Edenfield churchyard. His gravestone has the following inscription:

Farewel vain world I've known enough of thee
And careless am of what thou sayest of me
Thy smiles I count not nor thy frowns do fear
My body dead my head lies quiet here
What fault thou'st seen in me take care to shun
Look at home enough their's to be done

I have not been able to trace where they came from but it seems quite possible that that Edward at any rate came from Shropshire. If we look at the United Kingdom 1881 census for Chattwoods born in Lancashire we find that very many of them were born in Edenfield and have a proven descent from this couple. In fact I know of about 250 to 300 of their direct descendants who now live all over the world. Much of the information has come from other Chattwood researchers, which include Sue Powell who is especially interested in the Shropshire lines, Joan Merrill, Desley Lind in Australia, Leona Chatwood in the USA, Ina Stoeckli, and Mr JK Watson, as well as many other correspondents. For this reason I have not included information on later generations. Just the children and grandchildren of Edward and Hannah

Below is information on the children and grandchildren of Edward and Hannah together with a little more information on my own direct line. Dates given as years are approximate only.

Children of Edward and Hannah were:-

Samuel CHATTWOOD 1808 - 1848 m Ellen HUNT at Bury St Mary in 1828
John CHATTWOOD 1810 - 1878 m Susanna HUNT at Bury St Mary in 1830
Ann CHATTWOOD bap 1812 Bury St John m James BELL at Bury St Mary in 1833
Sarah CHATTWOOD bap 1815 Edenfield m Christopher KENYON 1842 Bury St Mary
Edmund CHATTWOOD bap 1816 Edenfield m Betty HOLT 1837 Bury St Mary
Elizabeth CHATTWOOD bap Edenfield 1819 buried 1828 Edenfield
Joseph CHATTWOOD b1820 bap 1821 Edenfield d 1875 Southport m Mary HARGREAVES

He died from TB and after his death in 1848 Ellen married again to a Benjamin WHITTAKER
Children of Samuel and Ellen are:-
Elizabeth CHATTWOOD bap 1829 Haslingden King St Wesleyan. Buried 1844 age 15
Edward CHATTWOOD 1831 - 1879 m Margaret HERDMAN [note 1]
Samuel CHATTWOOD 1833 - 1909 m Jane RAWSTHORNE [note 2]
Joseph CHATTWOOD 1835 - 1884 Edenfield. m1 Mary BELL 1856 Bury St Mary
Hannah CHATTWOOD b. 1837 Edenfield m (1861) Thomas BURTON [note 3]
Alfred CHATTWOOD b. 1845 Edenfield bur 1848 age 3

Edward married Margaret HERDMAN who had been born in Persia. Most of their 7 children were born in what was then Constantinople. Edward himself died at sea. Two of his sons worked on ships, one dying in the Persian Gulf. Another, Alfred Edward, was a clerk on the railways for a time but later emigrated to Australia as did yet another son. top

Samuel ran a business in Bolton manufacturing safes and he was followed into the business by one of his sons Samuel Rawsthorne CHATTWOOD 1865 - 1912. Chatwood locks and safes were known all over the world and even got a mention in the Ballad of Eskimo Nell. He had at least 4 other children one of whom died in Ceylon after living in Hyderabad (India). Another child was killed playing with gunpowder at a house in Cornwall aged about 10. Samuel Rawsthorne CHATTWOOD himself had 6 children and at least one branch emigrated to America spelling their name as CHATWOOD. top

Hannah and Thomas BURTON had about 9 children mostly born in the Rossendale and Crawshawbooth areas. The youngest Samuel Chatwood BURTON b.1881 moved to the USA and was known as an etcher. top

John CHATTWOOD and Susanna HUNT had 12 children-
Hannah CHATTWOOD b 1830 m (1857) Stephen Boardwell GREEN
Edward CHATTWOOD 1831 - 1897 m Mary Ann ENTWISTLE in 1852 [note 4]
Mary CHATTWOOD bap 1833 Haslingden King St Wesleyan. bur 1836 Edenfield
Samuel CHATTWOOD b 1834/5 Redvales, Bury m Jane ANDERTON
Sarah CHATTWOOD 1837 - 1877 (bap at Bury Brunswick Wesleyan)
John CHATTWOOD 1837 - 1900. m Lucy
Joseph CHATTWOOD b 1839/40 m1 Mary Ellen BESWICK (?) (1860 Shuttleworth St. John) & later married Mary Ellen DUXBURY(?) (1888 Haslingden)
William CHATTWOOD 1841 - 1902 m Ann GREENHALGH. They had 9 children.
Margaret CHATTWOOD b 1844/5 m Schofield ASHWORTH 1865
James CHATTWOOD 1850 - 1869 m Hannah ORMEROD 1869
Alfred CHATTWOOD 1852 - 1870
Alice CHATTWOOD 1853 - 1929 m Joseph STUKINS [my great grandparents note 5] top

Edward was sometimes called Edmund. The confusion seems to have started from the entry in the baptism record and continued throughout his life.

Alice married Joseph Stukins, a carter who was born in Coveney, Cambridgeshire. They had 7 children. She was a throstle spinner. For details go to my Stukins pages. top

I have not yet followed the line of Ann CHATTWOOD who married James BELL, but her sister Sarah CHATTWOOD who married Christopher KENYON turns up as a widow in Lytham St Anne's in the 1881 census and she is still at the same address in 1891 age 76 and with an unmarried daughter age 40. A grandaughter Minnie KENYON is also here age 17. top

Edmund CHATTWOOD and Betty HOLT were married in 1837 at Bury St Mary. Edmund was a wheelwright and hung himself in 1873. They had a large family of 11 children:-
Edward CHATTWOOD 1837 - 1888 m Hannah BROMLEY
Sarah CHATTWOOD 1840 - 1848
Levi CHATTWOOD 1842 - 1843
Levi CHATTWOOD 1844 - 1881 m Caroline HATILLEY [note 6]
Simeon CHATTWOOD 1846 - 1922 m Hannah
Reuben CHATTWOOD 1849 - 1896 m (1874) Fanny SPENCER [note 7]
Joseph CHATTWOOD 1850 - 1931 m Emily LORD
Dinah CHATTWOOD 1852 - 1929 [note 8]
Jonas CHATTWOOD 1855 - 1856
Walter CHATTWOOD 1857 -1861
Mary Ann CHATTWOOD b 1860 m James ATHERTON [note 8]
Benjamin CHATTWOOD 1864 - 1936 m Amy top

Edward and Hannah had several children. In later life several were living in Blackpool

Levi and Caroline moved south and on the 1881 census they are in Walsall although Levi himself died soon after. One of his daughters, Dinah, moved back to Edenfield and on the 1891 census is living with her uncle Simeon who was a grocer in Edenfield

Reuben moved to live in Tottington where he was a tinsmith and he and his wife together with a son and daughter are buried at Tottington Wesleyan Chapel. top

James ATHERTON with his wife Mary Ann appear in Tyldesley in the 1891 census where he is a clerk in a cotton mill. They have a girl and a boy. His sister-in-law, Dinah CHATTWOOD, is living with them. Other sources suggest James later became manager of a cotton mill.

Joseph CHATTWOOD and Mary HARGREAVES had 6 children. Joseph died in 1875 but in the 1881 census his widow and children are living at Crumpsall near Manchester. Joseph was a founding member and first President of Manchester Literary Club. top

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