If you have any comments on my site or can add any information, or think I may be able to help your own researches, I would like to hear from you.

If you need to get in touch you can email me (David) by using the email address below. I have removed the clickable link because of the large amounts of spam and junk email generated by electronic creepie-crawlies that search the web harvesting email addresses. I am afraid you will also be unable to select, copy, and paste it. Please use an informative subject heading and put "DGWEB" at the start of it. Mail from previously unknown addresses without this are very likely to be marked as spam and automatically rejected by the system.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not follow the suggestion above to put "DGWEB" into the subject header it is very unlikely that you will receive a reply especially if asking for help. This is because I have realized over the years that the morons who cannot/will not understand that simple and undemanding request are the same morons that never acknowledge help given even when it is clear that it has taken a considerable amount of time. The purpose of the request is to differentiate you from the scum who are trying to sell me me penile or breast enhancement, videos of devirginisation (their term not mine), drugs, introductions to sex-crazed housewives in my area, and the like.