The following list gives family names which link to my research. Many I have very little information on, or are sidelines I have not had to time to follow very actively. Most were living in the Bury, Bolton, Tottington, Rossendale, Blackburn areas of Lancashire in the early 1800s. The Stukins family originated in Cambridgeshire (places such as Coveney, Witcham, Haddenham) but some migrated to Lancashire in the second half of the 19th century. Some of the other families are also from this part of Cambridgeshire.

The names on this page mostly link to further information about the name in question. They are my 'main' names only in the sense that they are names of direct ancestors. About some of them I know less than I do about some 'minor' names. I have a separate page of minor names which lists names on which I mostly have only very little information - usually names of people who have married into one of my family lines. However they are 'minor' because they represent sidelines.Click here to see this page.

Last update 04/06/2006