This is the coat of arms granted to one of the early Greenhalghs of Brandlesome. The blazon is: Argent, on a bend sable 3 buglehorns of the first, stringed or. Note that this is not a family coat of arms. In England arms were awarded to an individual and descended to his heir (normally the eldest son). Sharing the same surname does not give any entitlement. Younger sons were often able to wear the arms with a distinguishing mark. On the other hand if you choose to embellish your notepaper with such a coat you are unlikely to come to any great harm, especially when, as in the case of the Greenhalgh family, there are no longer any legitimate bearers of the arms. As you may have noticed I have put the buglehorn crest motif on many of my webpages (as a link to the home page) and so far I still have my head on my shoulders.



Last update 16/06/2002