My earliest known Martin ancestor is James Martin who married a Jane Hescue in Coveney in 1719. I am grateful to Andrew Martin for much of my information on this line as he is also descended from the same person. James would be my 7g-grandfather.
He had 3 children and 5 grandchildren one of which was John MARTIN bap 1754 who married a Mary SMITH at Coveney. They had at least 6 children one of which, James MARTIN bap 1785, married Mary WATERS. Their children were:-

  • Mary Ann 1805
  • John 1806
  • James 1809
  • Elizabeth 1811
  • James 1814
  • Martha 1816
  • Robert 1818
  • William 1820
  • Jane 1823
  • Charles 1825
  • Thomas 1828

Elizabeth married a John Stukins in Coveney (1830) and they are my 3g-grandparents. Elizabeth was later widowed and she went on to marry a William Lutt also at Coveney in 1839. John and Elizabeth had at least 5 children:
  • Sarah 1829
  • John
  • William
  • Amelia
  • Mary
The first of these, Sarah, was illegitimate, being born before the marriage. In 1852 she married a William Stukins at Coveney and they had at least 9 children. They are shown in the 1871 census at Wardy Hill, Coveney with 6 of their children. By 1881 they turn up in Lancashire in the Whitworth area.

Elizabeth's marriage to William LUTT produced 4 children between 1839 and 1850 but she was again widowed and married David COX in 1855. He seems to have been the grandson of the David COX (1740-1840) who lived (just) to be over 100 years and had 4 wives, 3 of them in his late 80s and 90s.

For more on the MARTIN FAMILY see Andrew Martin's site which also has information on the Waters and Tingey names. And on the descendants of James MARTIN bap 1814.

Last update 28/11/2004