Listed below are a number of names which occur at some point in my tree. Often they will just be a name of someone who has married into one of my family lines. Usually I have little, if any, further information. If any of these names 'belongs' to you and you can add anything extra I would like like to hear from you. Note that clicking on some of the less well-documented names may take you to the middle of another page on my site. Usually a page dealing with one of my main names. To get back here just click your browser's back button. To see the list of my main family lines click the name button on the left. There are also a few names which have nothing to do with genealogy but crop up in other pages of the site. Also note that some names I have not linked because whatever information I have relates to living people.
Family Names (minor)
The names below appear in parts of my site which have nothing, or little, to do with my own genealogy.

Last update 29/10/2006