These pages give a summary listing of people found in the Ramsbottom, Tottington, Edenfield, and Holcombe area in the 1891 census, but born elsewhere. The listings show last name. If followed by a star (BARNES*) this indicates that it refers to a woman by her married name rather than her maiden name. This will be for people shown as wife or widow. This is followed by Christian name. This is followed by status/condition although I have not always shown both (being a wife implies being married, and I have not shown children under 16 as single. Although up until 1929 children could marry at the age of legal puberty, 14 for boys and 12 for girls, I did not come across any such cases when making these extracts)
h = head
wf = wife
s = son
d = daughter
gS = grandson
wid/wdr = widow/widower
m = married
u = unmarried/single
fLaw/mLaw= father in law/mother in law
stepS/stepD = stepson/stepdaughter
ldgr = lodger
brdr = boarder
vstr = visitor
sis = sister
bro = brother
This is followed by age. The next column shows place. If a county town is followed by a star (Chester*) this means it is not clear whether the record refers to the town or the county. Some people only gave their county and some only said they were born in England. (for those born in Ireland or Scotland this was the norm - not because of ignorance but because this is what the enumerator was intended to do, although the enumerator sometimes did add extra detail). The next column will normally be the location given as village/hamlet etc where they were found on the census but in the few cases where this is absent I have put the civil parish instead. This is almost always Tottington Higher End (abbreviated to THE) which covers Edenfield (roughly)and the northern part of the area, or Tottington Lower End (TLE) which covers Tottington village, parts of Ramsbottom and the southern part of the area. WcS = Walmersley cum Shuttleworth.

All these names are found in the PRO references RG12/3127 3128 3129 3352 from which I have extracted over 4600 households, and a much larger number of names. For the counties given the lists are fairly complete but there are some omissions where I am trying to make further checks on the data.

Although I hope some people will find this information helpful I stress it is only a guide and checks should be made with the original. Apart from errors arising from the poor condition of some of the fiche I worked from, I have doubtless introduced errors of my own. Please feel free to email me with any such mistakes so that I can correct them. I have missed out one or two entries where I have been unable to trace my reading of a place name.

To find other people at the same address use "EDIT > FIND" (CTRL-F) or its equivalent on your browser. Note this will only find people who have strayed from the same county; not people from other counties or Lancashire itself. Also it may be misleading if the address does not definitely refer to a single dwelling. There are a number of instances where an address (eg "Simons") is shared by more than one house.

The figures following the links give an approximate number of individuals from the county. Where there have been boundary changes it may be worth looking under an adjacent county. I have used the counties stated in the census even when my gazeteer suggests the modern county is different (eg the records have Cumberworth in Yorkshire but my atlas says Lincolnshire. Many place names occur in more than one county. Some people gave as birthplace a very localized name which will not appear in most road atlases or gazeteers. For this reason I have left in a number of places which I have not been able to find on such a map.

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