THE STUKINS FAMILY (Stukings, Stewkins)

Stukins and its variants is an extremely unusual surname in the United Kingdom at present and I have been unable to discover anything about its derivation. Stukins was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. Her father was born in Coveney in 1853. Coveney is a tiny village near Ely in Cambridgeshire. He was still there for the 1871 census, but in 1876 was marrying Alice Chattwood at Edenfield Parish Church. It looks as if the family came north to industrial Lancashire in search of work. In Cambridgeshire they were agricultural labourers. The problem is that in the early 1800's Stukins was an extremely common name in Coveney and the surrounding areas such as Haddenham, Witcham, Witchford etc. Some forenames such as William are often used; widows or widowers remarried, often more than once (which meant that the same child might use a different family name on consecutive censuses; children died soon after birth and a subsequent child took the same name. All this means that tracing the line backwards is fraught with uncertainty. In the tree given below anything further back than William Stukins & Sarah Martin has to be taken as tentative and unproven, with the exception of the line through Elizabeth Martin to James Martin. I have since had some information on the Martin line passed on to me from Andrew Martin who bears the same relationship to James Martin as I do.

The recent (1999) publication of the Haddenham and Longstanton registers on fiche by the CFHS has enabled me to get a little more information on Joseph Stukins and Judith Huckle at the top of the tree. Joseph Stukins was probably to be identified with the one buried in 1828 age 69, so he would be born about 1759. I cannot trace his baptism in Haddenham so he may have moved in from elsewhere at some time prior to his marriage. He may be the Joseph Stewkin baptised in Longstanton All Saints in 1758 in which case the line can be traced to Robert Stewkin (baptised 1676) and Elizabeth Stallibrass who he married in 1711. Judith Huckle was the daughter of Thomas Sharp and Elisabeth Freeman. She married a Nevil Huckle in 1782 but he died in early 1783 and she soon remarried. Thomas Sharp and Elisabeth Freeman were married in 1738 and had a large family of 10 children although not all survived. I have not been able to find Thomas's baptism but a man of this name was baptised as an adult age 43 in 1760 on the same date as two of his children.

Thomas's grandchild, William Stukins, who married Masey Covell, died in 1848 when he was cleaning a well and earth fell on him

Joseph STUKINS married Judith HUCKLE in 1783 at Haddenham
Children were:
Robert 1784 (lived less than a month)
Elizabeth 1785 (bur. 1786)
Elizabeth 1787
Robert 1788
Sarah 1789
Mary 1794
William 1796 - married Masey (Mercy) COVILL in 1820 at Haddenham
Judith 1798
Thomas 1800 (bur. 1807)
James 1803 (bur. 1805)

Children of William and Masey were:
James 1822
William 1824, married Sarah MARTIN at Coveney 1852
Thomas 1826
Joseph 1832
Mary 1833
Sarah m William Thompson 1858 at Coveney. They had a child also called Sarah

William STUKINS married Christiana WILKINS in Coveney 1807. The bride was from the nearby parish of Ely St Mary. Their children were:-
John (bap.1808) married Elizabeth MARTIN 1830 at Coveney
Sarah (bap.1810)
John was Elizabeth's first husband and after his death she married a William LUTT, son of John LUTT. This second marriage took place in 1839 at Coveney.
Children of John STUKINS and Elizabeth were:-
Sarah 1830
John 1832
William 1834
Amelia 1835

Sarah was illegitimate being born shortly before John and Elizabeth married. In 1852, in Coveney, Sarah married William STUKINS under the name of Sarah MARTIN, but there is no doubt that John is her father.

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