Alan Chattwood is my 3rd cousin and has also been researching the family. He has produced some pages in web format which I am including on my site at his suggestion. I have made some changes to the links to make the pages work on their new site but otherwise the pages are Alan's. The pages are distinguished by their blue background although this page obviously is written by me. At the bottom of every page are links to my own Chattwood page and to Alan's 'HOME' page - his original start page which was the main entry to his web pages. The buttons on the left now give access to Alan's contact details and Alan's home page. The site map button works as before giving an overview of the entire site (not just Alan's pages). The buglehorn, again as before, brings up my own home page. At the bottom of the page all the links, except for a clearly labelled link to my own Chattwood page, are to other pages of Alan.

I have never met Alan in the flesh but he has a good memory of my own Edenfield connections and has been the source of much useful information. My mother remembers him well.