The original members of the Chatwood family in Edenfield were Edward Chatwood and his wife Hannah who seem to have settled there between 1812 and 1815. Prior to this we know that they were in Bury, living in the Redvales area, when their first son Samuel was born on the 8th October 1808 and was christened in Bury St Johns on the 22nd of January 1809. Their second son, John was born in Little Bolton on the 28th September 1810 and he was also christened in St Johns Bury as was his sister Ann, who was born on the 20th August 1812. However all their other children were born in Edenfield. These were Sarah christened 5th March 1815, Edmund christened 25th December 1816, Elizabeth christened 17th March 1819 and the youngest Joseph, who was born on the 12th December 1820 and was christened on the 25th February 1821.

Samuel married Ellen Hunt in 1828 and had 6 children

John married Susannah Hunt in 1830 and had 12 children

Ann married James Bell in 1835 - no record of any children

Sarah married Christopher Kenyon in 1842 - no record of any children

Edmund married Betty Holt in 1837 and had 11 children

Elizabeth died on the 2nd July 1829

Joseph married Mary Hargreaves (by special license) on the 7th December 1855 and had 6 children

So Edward's sons had 35 children between them and the Chatwood family in Edenfield would seem to be firmly established
However time moves on and at the present time, the year 2002, there is only one Chattwood now living in Edenfield, my sister Margaret E. Chattwood and she is over 70 and unmarried.

Some of Edward and Hannah's descendants have left a legacy in various ways and others have lived their lives quietly, not being recorded in print that can now be traced.

But there are a lot of records to be found, in old newspapers, archives, libraries and now on the internet and this site will try to bring some of these together and hopefully gather even more information on the Chat(t)woods from Edenfield.