From Bury Times Saturday 1st May 1869
Sometime during last summer the members of the Manchester Literary Club were invited by a number of Blackburn gentlemen to a dinner at Whalley. As a return for this mark of courtesy , Mr. David Morris , in the name of the gentlemen comprising the literary club, dined on Saturday last at the house of Miss Mercer, the Horse and Jockey Inn, Edenfield, in honour of Shakespeare's birthday, and invited several gentlemen from Blackburn to meet them there. The members who came from Manchester were conveyed from Bury to Edenfield in a wagonette and omnibus and thus had a fine view of the country through which they passed, and which had not looked brighter than on that day since the advent of the present spring.

Among the company which met at the house in question were the following Mr. Joseph Chattwood, president Bury: Mr. Edwin Waugh , vice-president Manchester: Mr. Benjamin Brierley, vice-president Manchester: Mr. J.P. Stokes vice-president, ( Times correspondent), Mr. J. Page ("Felix Folio"), hon secretary: Mr Charles Hardwicke, treasurer, Manchester: Mr R.R. Bealey, Stand: Mr. T.T. Wilkinson, F.R.A.S. Burnley: Mr J.H. Nodal and Mr. G Baskett ( Examiner and Times ): Mr G. Richardson, Manchester: Mr D Morris Manchester: Mr A. Walmsley Manchester: Mr Charles Hadfield, Manchester: Mr. John Heap ( Bury Times ): Mr William Richardson , scientific lecturer Southowram: Mr W. Percy, artist Manchester: Mr. A. Stott, architect Oldham: Mr. Thomas Backhouse, solicitor, Blackburn: Mr. Henry Backhouse, solicitor, Blackburn : Mr. John Dean, solicitor, Blackburn: Mr. Robert Crossland, solicitor, Bury: Mr. J. Greenhalgh, solicitor, Bolton: Mr. Hasleham (Examiner and Times ): Mr. W.Halstead, reporter, Bury: Mr. D. Alonzo Morris, Manchester: Mr. John Haworth, Manchester: Mr. J.W. Taylor, Bolton: Mr J. Mitchell Clitheroe: Mr. S. Buckley, Oldham: Mr. Edmondson and Mr. R. Hall, Bury: Mr. Stelfox, Manchester: Mr. Donovan, Manchester: Mr. John Burnett, Manchester: Mr R.H. Hardman, Cliff Tower: Mr. John Lord, Rossendale: Mr. James Park, Bury: Mr. Charles Potter, artist, Manchester: Mr. Dobson, Preston: Mr. Radcliffe, architect, Blackburn: and Mr. E. Chatwood sen., Edenfield.

Prior to dinner being served most of the company enjoyed a short ramble on the adjacent hills. The dinner was well served, and comprised every delicacy of the season. After the withdrawal of the cloth, the Chairman proposed " The Queen " and then "The Army, The Navy and The Volunteers ". Mr. Bankett responded to the latter toast and the following items then followed ( these are in more detail in the newspaper report ).