Bristol in the New Millennium

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A view from the top of St. Michaelís Hill looking to the south-east. The hill itself is named after the Mediaeval church of "Saint Michael-on-the-Mount-without", the tower of which can just be seen mid-right on this view. The "Mount" refers to St. Michaelís Hill, and the then meaning of the word "without" which would have meant the exact opposite of "within". "Without" in the context of the name of the church would have referred to the fact that it was then situated outside of the old walled city of Bristol. The pavement on which the figure is standing is raised about eight feet or so above the roadway with a railing on the left-hand side, and with an occasional flight of steps every so often, and is the remnant of the ancient walkway out of Bristol to the North. This walkway connects in a near-continuous sequence of steps all the way back to the bottom of Christmas Steps seen elsewhere on this website. Most of the buildings in this view are from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the far distance can the seen the open countryside of the county of Somerset.