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Daniel Adams, the son of William Adams and Mary Anne Hunt, was baptised at  Banbury Parish Church, Oxfordshire on 31 August 1817. A Cordwainer, or shoemaker, he moved to Foleshill and married Mary Ann Carpenter (born about 1812) on 15 June 1840 at St Laurences' Church. In 1841 they are shown living in Carpenters Lane, Foleshill. Mary Ann was then working as a weaver.

In 1851 they were still in Carpenters Lane. Daniel was buried at St Pauls, Foleshil on 30 May 1883 and Mary Ann on 22 April 1891.

I have records of four children:

Matthew Henry (Harry) Adams, born about 1842:
William John Adams, born about 1846.
Francis Edward Adams, b 1848;
Edward Hunt Adams, b 1857
Amos Daniel Adams, b 1858, buried April 1860 at St Paul's, Foleshill


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