Dean Evans Family Tree

Isaac Boyes was born about 1825. First reference to him is found on the 1881 Census where he is living at Carpenters Lane, Foleshill with his wife, Eliza, and 6 children.


Isaac and Eliza had the following children:

Willlam Boyes, born about 1864. In 1881 William is decribed as "Going with the coal cart" but by 1901 is a coal dealer having taken over his father's business.
Eliza Boyes, born 1865, who in 1881 was a "Worsted Filler".
Emma Boyes, born 1868, and described in 1881 as a "Nurse Child"

Louisa Boyes, born 1869.

Elizabeth Boyes  born 1873. In 1891 described as Betsey, Elizabeth married Christopher James Adams in 1895.
Sarah Ann Boyes, born 1876.
Isaac Boyes, born 1879. In 1901 Isaac has become a cycle machinist.

The 1901 Census shows Isaac Senior living at Boyes Yard, Foleshill as a retired baker. His eldest son William is at the same address .