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John Thomas Chaplin was born on 24 May 1870 in Llandudno. In 1891 he is described as a plumber's Apprentice but is later described as both plumber(journeyman) and gas fitter. On 6 February 1895 he married Georgina Kerr, daughter of George Kerr, who came from Paisley, Glasgow. Georgina was born abt 1870.

They had nine children:

John Lloyd Chaplin, born about 1895, Colwyn Bay
Stella McCormick Chaplin, born March 1899, and baptised at St Paul's Church, Colwyn on 29 March 1899. Stella died in January 1989.
Edna May Chaplin, born 1900 and baptised on 14 June 1900 at St Paul's.
Gwendoline Chaplin, born in September 1901 and baptised on 27 September 1901 at St Paul's, Gwendoline died shortly afterwards.
Madge Chaplin, born 25 August 1902 and baptised at St Paul's on 25 June 1905. Madge died on 6 Januaary 1975.
Norman Henry Chaplin, born early in 1904 and baptised on 25 June 1905 at St paul's. Died 25 February 1963.
Doris Gertrude Chaplin, born 1906 and baptised on 9 October 1908.
Gordon Chaplin, born in 1908 in Colwyn Bay..
Ida Isobel Chaplin, born 23 October 1909, Colwyn Bay

A Trade Directory for Colwyn Bay, Caernarvon, from 1911 shows them living at 52 Park Road. John is described as a gas fitter and Georgina as "Keeping Apartments". It was at this address that on 17 May 1913 John died of Pneumonia. The Coroner attributed his death to an earlier accident whe, on 29 July 1912, John had injured his hip.


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