Dean Evans Family Tree


James Chaplain was christened 27 December 1798 at St Nicholas Church, Kenilworth. I have not located when James moved to the Coventry area but this was before 1821.

James married Mary Ann Wright. Mary, the daughter of John Wright, was born about 1798. She was buried on 9 May 1858 at St Laurence's Church.

They had the following children:

Henry Chaplin was born about 1821.
Edward Chaplin was born in 1823 and was christened on 8 December 1822 at St Laurences Church. He died on 16 Sep 1845 and was buried two days later at St Laurence's.
Elizabeth Chaplin was christened on 13 March 1825. She died on 4 November 1847 and was buried at St Laurence's on 8 November
William Chaplin was born about 1827..
Sarah Chaplin was christened on 8 November 1829 at  St Laurences Church. She died in 1849.
Mary Ann Chaplin was born in 1831. She died 4 Mar 1849 and was buried at St Laurence's Church.
Mark Chaplin was christened 8 Sep 1833 at St Laurence's Church and buried 26 October 1836.


James died in May 1836 and was buried 15 May 1836 at St Lawrence's Church.

By 1841 Mary Ann is a widow and is shown as publican at the New Inn, Longford. She died on 9 May 1858 and was buried on 13 May at St Laurence's.



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