Dean Evans Family History

Ephraim Court was born on 3 Aug 1808 and was married on 25 March 1832 at St Laurence's Church. The 1851 Census shows him with his wife Eliza (nee Warner), living in Paradise, Foleshill. Both he and his wife and children are described as Handloom (silk) weavers. It is therefore probable that they lived in one of the top shops in Paradise at that time.


The 1851 Census shows 5 children living at home at the time of the census.


Hannah Court, born about 1839 married Joseph Liggins Flavell and joined him in running the family grocery business.. She died 12 June 1901 and was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Foleshill, Warwickshire.
Alfred Court was born on 10 December 1833 and baptised on 29 June 1837 at Foleshill Independent Baptists Church. Alfred undertook an adult baptism at St Laurence's on 6 Aug 1854, when he 20 years old.
Amos Court was born on 29 October 1837 and baptised at Foleshill independent Baptists at the same time as Alfred. Like his brother, Amos went through an adult christening, but at St Michael's Coventry, on 10 February 1867.
Josiah Court was born in abt 1843
Described as "E V" Court on the 1851 Census this girl was born in abt 1846.

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