Dean Evans Family Tree

Thomas Eld was born about 1740 and married Mary Oliver on 18 November 1764 at St Michael's Coventry.


They had the following children:

Thomas Eld, baptised on 28  September 1765 at Corley, Warwickshire. Thomas married Alice Birch on 29 June 1788 at St Michael's.
John Eld, Baptised on 8 November 1766 at Corley. John married Elizabeth Brown on 14 October 1787 at St Laurence's, Foleshill.
Joseph Eld, baptised on 15 February 1768 at St Michael's. Joseph had but a short life as he was recorded as being buried at Corley on 8 Feb 1770.

Joseph Eld, baptised 26 March 1770 at St Michael's faired better than his namesake living until he was 79 years old.

Mary Eld, baptised on 4 April 1772 at Corley.
William Eld, baptised on 5 November 1774 at Corley and buried at Corley on 26 March 1783.
Francis Eld, baptised on 30 November 1776 at Corley. Died at the age of 50 and buried on 11 October 1846 at Corley.
Frances Eld, baptised on 30 January, 1783 at Corley but buried only 2 months later on 26 march 1783.


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