My father, Cyril Stanley Evans


My father, Cyril Stanley Evans, was born on 17th October 1909, at Frame Lane, in Horsehay, Dawley, Shropshire.


Like many people I did not take a real interest in my family's origins until my parents had died. However, I did sit down with each of them and made some rough notes of the their nearest relatives. My father had moved from Shropshire to Coventry when he was about 6 or 7 years old. He told me that his own father had been born in a Barracks in Yorkshire, as his grandfather had been a Sergeant Major. When I started to look for his family history at the local library I was faced with the task of looking for a William Evans born in Yorkshire. I very soon gave up and it was not until the availability of the 1881 Census on CD that I discovered a William Evans, born in the right year, in Dawley, where my own father was known to have been born. At the same time I discovered the IGI online and fairly quickly traced a direct line back a few years and determined that my family had lived in the Dawley are for 200 years. And the Yorkshire barracks? Well as I read about Dawley I learned that the early housing built by the mining and ironworks owners were called "barracks" being low rise terraced units very different from the normal housing developments of the time. It was probably one of these barracks in which my grandfather was born. And the Sergeant major? This was probably the wishfull thinking of a young boy in order to explain his fathers origins. In order to broaden the line out and trace the numerous siblings, I started to record any and all references to Evans, in and around Dawley. At some time I shall include this database in the web site. But until then please contact me for any look ups you might have. I would also be pleased to receive other EVANS records to add to my collection.