Dean Evans Family History


Benjamin Evans  was born about 1835 at 25 Holywell Lane and was christened 17 April 1836 in Dawley. He died 1908, still resident at 25 Holywell Lane and was buried 11 January 1908 in St Lukes, Dosley.
Benjamin married Jane Lewis on 30 July 1867 at St Lukes, Dosley . Jane was born about 1842 in Finger Road, Dawley.
They had the following children:

Elizabeth Evans was born 1868 at 25 Holywell Lane and was christened 18 April 1869 in St Lukes, Dosley.
Mary Evans (born 1874)
Frederick Evans was born 1877 but died in 1881  and was buried 15 April 1881 at St Lukes, Dosley.
Ann Evans was born 1880.
Henry Evans (1871-1925)

Benjamin started work as a miner but later became a haulier and at his death was described as "Proprietor of coal haulage business". According to the oral history tape of Benjamin Rogers, his grandson, Benjamin used to cart workmen and coal from the meadow Pit and from the Halesfield Pit at madeley Wood. He also had a wagon in which he took people drives in the summer. Was Benjamin the inspiration for my Uncle Ernie Groves' later venture into Grove Coaches in Coventry?
Benjamin also kept a few pigs as well as his horses, and later on one or two cows, as well as a hay field and a field for wheat. (Oral History tape of Sam Thomas).
Benjamin was a Sunday School superintendant at the Little Dawley Chapel.



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