Dean Evans Family History


William EVANS was my paternal grandfather, born 1864 in Horsehay and  christened 17 April 1864 at St Lukes, Dosley, Dawley Parva. He died in 1949 in Coventry and was buried at Windmill Lane Cemetery, Longford, Coventry.

Granddad started work as a general labourer but by 1881 is shown to be an "Iron Bridge Builder" at the Horsehay Bridge Works, Dawley. There was a great deal of unemployment in the area at the end of the 19th century and Granddad left the Dawley area, with his family, and moved to Coventry, where they lived at 1 Madeira Road (later renamed Teneriffe Road) which was on the corner with Mason Road, Foleshill. During WW1 he worked at the Ordnance works at Red Lane, Coventry and it is believed he was in a supervisory position. At the end of the war he went with a deputation from the works to Flanders to view the battlefields, and would have seen the effect that the armaments he had helped to make had on the area. He brought back souvenirs which included a bayonet and two empty shell cases. These shell cases were highly polished and had pride of place next to the fireplace. After the war granddad worked at the Coventry Gas Works and stayed there until he retired.

Granddad was married twice. His first wife was  Emma EVANS, daughter of John Evans and Eliza Jarvis, and they married on 13 September 1885 at St Luke's Church Doseley. Emma was born on 23 December 1866 in Hinkshay and was a Domestic Servant at the time of her marriage.  After their wedding they lived first at Hinksay with Emma's mother and stepfather before moving to Finger Lane, Dawley.

Granddad and Emma had the following children:

Emily Elizabeth EVANS (born 1866)
Florence Anne Evans (born about 1888)
John William EVANS, "Will", born about 1890.
Albert Edward EVANS (1893-1946)

Emma died around her 29th birthday and was buried on 31 December 1895 at St Leonard's,  Malinslee.

 With 4 young children to care for granddad did not remain a widow for long and on 6 March 1896, married Annie GROVES,   daughter of Robert GROVES and Anne, at St Lukes, Doseley. Annie was born on 25 October 1865 in Horsehay and was christened on 6 December 1865 at  Malinslee Chapelry. The 1881 Census shows grandma as a Domestic Servant in Frame Lane, Dawley.  After they were married they lived at Frame Lane,  where my father was born in 1909.  She was buried about 1949 in Windmill Lane Cemetery, Longford, Coventry. A simple marble stone marks their grave.

Granddad and Grandma had four children:

Robert Edgar Evans. born 1896. Robert married Ethel Hartlet There were no children. They lived at 141 Longford Road, Coventry.
Arthur Vincent Evans   Christened on 19 June 1898 at St Luke's, Arthur married Ann. and they emigrated to Australia before World War II. There were no children. Arthur returned to the UK once, in 1947. He settled just outside Melbourne. My mother and father were fortunate to visit them in 1978 when Arthur celebrated his 80th birthday.
Cyril Stanley EVANS, my father, (1909-1993)

The 1901 Census shows the family living at East End Cottage. At that time William's father. John Evans is living with them. Frame Lane backed on to the Horsehay Bridge works and the family lived there until they moved to Coventry, probably in 1915.


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