Dean Evans Family History


Cyril Stanley EVANS   ,  my father, was born on 17 October 1909 at Frame Lane, Horsehay, Dawley, moving to Coventy with his parents when a small boy. The Little Heath School records show him starting school on 17 March 1915 but left again to go "to a farm" on 8 February 1916. Did he return home to Dawley for this period? However he was back at Little Heath on 8 April 1918 and stayed until he finished school on 27 July 1923. He started work as a cabinet maker and worked from the spare bedroom at his parents house in Foleshill, and also worked at Alfred Herbert as a Pattern Maker. He later worked as a painter and decorator and was self employed for a while. It was during this time that he married and bought a house in Partridge Croft, Bell Green, moving to Mason Road just before WW2 started. Business failure after ilhealth forced him to take employment again and he later worked as a foreman with several building firms in the Coventry area, including Daly & Sons, Thomas Bates Ltd, Taylor Taborer and finally worked at Jaguar Cars, Coventry where he was Buildings Maintenance Foreman. After retiring he moved away from Coventry to live at Sharnford, Leicestershire. He died 17 March 1993 in Leicester Hospital and after a funeral service at St Laurences Church, Bell Green, his body was cremated at Canley Crematorium, Coventry.

My father suffered from a defect to his knee and eventually had an operation to remove the kneecap leaving him with no joint at the knee so that he walked with a stiff leg. Although, today, this might be considered a serious handicap, it did not seem to affect my father as he rode a bicycle and climbed ladders and worked on the roof of houses as if he was fully able bodied. During the WW2 he was an Air Raid Warden serving at the Foleshill Headquarters.

My father married Winifred Irene Chaplin "Win" on 4 September 1937 at St Laurence's. Mum was born on 9 March 1909 in Newtown Road, Bedworth. She was sent to live with her Aunt in Guildborough, Northants and was there until she started school. By the time she returned home her mother and father had moved from Bedworth to Bell Green where grandad took over the running of the Bell Inn.


Mum and dad's first child was a girl but was stillborn: Three boys followed of which I was the youngest.

Martin EVANS
Dean Vincent EVANS.

After my father died my mother moved to Exhall and finally into sheltered housing at 7 Larkspur Close, Bude Village, Bedworth where she died on 4 February 1997. After a funeral service at St Laurences Church, Bell Green, her body was cremated at Canley Crematorium, Coventry.



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