Dean Evans Family History

Thomas Flavell was born in 1786. He married and in his Will, dated 28 April 1846 he mentions four children as surviving at that time. He described himself as a farmer and publican (of the Talli Ho Inn), in the Parish of Grandborough and the "township" of Woolscott.

The terms of his Will divided his estate equally between his 3 sons and 1 daughter and his housekeeper, Fanny Goode, "now residing with me" and also her daughter, Mary Flavell Goode. Was Thomas the father of Mary Flavell Goode, who was, in 1846, under the age of 21 years, or was Fanny Goode also a "Flavell". taking the name Goode on her marriage, and giving her own daughter the Flavell name? Thomas died on 19 May 1846.

Thomas's children listed in the Will were:-


Henry Flavell
Richard Flavell
John Flavell
Maria Flavell

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