Dean Evans Family Tree

William Gardner was born on 1 November 1807 in Anstey, Leicestershire. On 12 May 1835 he married Ann Bloxham (born 1811) at Gilmorton Church, Leicestershire. Ann was the daughter of William Bloxham and his wife Harriot.
William and Ann had 6 children before Ann died on 29 July 1851 and was buried at Welford Church on 1 August 1851.

Ann Gardner, born September 1835 and baptised on 23 December 1835 at Gilmorton. Ann died whilst still a child and was buried at Gilmorton on 1 August 1845.

William Gardner was born in 1836 at Gilmorton.
Henry Gardner was born on 1 December 1839 at Gilmorton.
Elizabeth Gardner was baptised on 24 July 1842 at Welford and married Samuel Pearsall on 11 August 1873.
Mary Gardner was born on 18 January 1844 and was baptised at Welford Church one month later. She did not marry and died in April 1932, being buried at Gilmorton Church on 21 April 1932.
John Gardner , my maternal grandmother's father, was born in Welford in 1847.

William later married Jane Franes Biggs, who was born in 1818. I have record of them having two children before Jane herself died in February 1864

Thomas Gardner, born 1858.
Frederick Gardner was born 1862 in Welford, Northamptonshire. In 1881 Frederick was recorded as being a "Farmers Son".

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