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John Henry Gardner  was born 1872 in Welford, Northamptonshire.

John married Mary Elizabeth.By 1931 they had moved to Bell Green where they were living at 60 Old Church Road.

They had the following children:

Winifred May Gardner
Win married Frederick George Dutton. Uncle Fred was a milk man delivering around the Foleshill area. I remember "getting a lift home" from Little Heath Junior School at lunch times on the pony and trap. The journey was only a few hundred yards but it took longer on board the trap than when walking as the pony only walked a few yards before stopping to allow Uncle Fred, who walked most of the way, take a few more bottles of milk to deliver to the separate houses along Carlton and Mason Road. Uncle Fred lived at 51 Old Church Road.
Charles Burdett Gardner
Beatrice Nelly Gardner

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