Dean Evans Family Tree


Robert GROVES (Samuel ) was born about 1820 in Chirbury, Salop and was christened 20 May 1820 in Chirbury, Shropshire, England. He died 1890 in Frame Lane, Little Dawley and was buried 29 December 1890 in St Lukes, Dosley, Dawley Parva. Robert was a Carpenter. He resided from 1851 to his death in1890 at Frame Lane, Dawley.

Robert  married Catherine. Catherine was born about 1821 in Wellington.

They had the following children:

Hannah Groves was born about 1841 in Wellington.
Margaret Groves was born about 1842 in Madeley.
Thomas Groves was born about 1843 in Madeley.
William Groves was born about 1848 in Madeley.
Samuel Groves was born about 1850 in Dawley and was buried 25 April 1860 in St Luke's, Dosley.


Robert later married  Anne. Anne was born 1833 in Dawley.

They had the following children:

Robert GROVES was born 1861 in Dawley. He was a school master and at the time of his marriage, in 1898, he was living in Herts. However by 1901 he is found at Brayton, near Selby in North Yorks where he is living in the school house.
Robert married Jane Dealson, daughter of William Dealson, on 14 Sep 1898 in Lawley. Jane was born about 1872.
Alice GROVES was born 1868 in Dawley.
Laura May GROVES was born 1869 in Dawley.
Albert GROVES was born 1873 in Dawley.


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