Dean Evans Family Tree

Angelina Hewitt was christened on 9 June 1839 at St Laurences. On 15 October 1867 she married  Jessie Goode.

They had the following four children:

Sarah Goode, born about 1868  .
Walter Henry Goode, born about 1870.
Catherine Elizabeth Goode, born about 1871 and baptised on 25 June 1871 at St Laurences.
Ellen Goode, born 1874.
Jessie was a builder and became a close business associate with Edwin Chaplin who had married Angelina's sister Catherine Elizabeth Hewitt.
By 1901 Jessie was living at 65 Grange Road, Longford, where he lived until his death. He was buried at St Lawrence's on 30 March 1918.


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