Dean Evans Family History

Sydney Williams was born in Dawley on 23 August 1903.

On his 22 nd Birthday (23 August 1925) he married Gertrude , daughter of Florence Wakerley. Gertrude was born on 7 October 1906 at Wrockwardine. Florence married Samuel Foster in 1910

Sydney and Gertrude had 8 children


James Henry Williams, James married Nancy Hassall, they had 2 children
Sydney Williams, Sydney married Barbara Dickenson. They had 5 children
Joyce Williams, Joyce married Maurice Hickman. They had 3 children
June Williams. June married Harold Thorpe. They had 3 children
Margaret Williams, Margaret married Graham Hickman. They had 5 children
Kathleen Williams, Kathleen married John Ball. They had 2 children
Pauline Williams, . Pauline married John Smart They had 2 children
Thomas Roy Williams, Thomas married Dorothy Palin . They had 2 Children
Gertrude died on 17 February 1979 amd Sydney on 12 December 1989.

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