Tales From The Asylum

- Dark Poetry



You are so precious to me

You give me a reason for living

And a sense of hope

As the dark days approach

Thoughts of you keep me sane

I have drifted through time

I have lost my way

But the stars always guide me back to you

My love, hold my hand

Understand that I love you

And I will never let you go

We will live for eternity

Through our children and in the memories of friends

Our love is an unbreakable bond

Built on sound foundations

And forged through centuries of time

God looks over us and protects us

In this white room with padded walls

I think of you and feel comforted

Outside you carry on you life

Oblivious to my feelings for you

We live in parallel worlds

Destined never to meet again

I am only a passing memory

And you are all I have left


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