Tales From The Asylum

- Dark Poetry

 Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas was a successful regional advertising agency

It was run by two high-flying professionals

They were called James Johnson and Howard Barnes

They were both in their forties

And had been working together for more than ten years

They had a number of large clients

And their clients were big spenders in the press and on radio

James started to get itchy feet and wanted to leave

He started to plan his exit

And talked to a few of his clients

He wanted a safety net ready for when he left

Some of the biggest clients wanted to switch

So James made his move

He told Howard over a drink in their local

Howard was furious and was quite abusive

They parted on bad terms

Howard was in for a bigger surprise when he realised how many clients he was losing

James new agency was called Forward Thinking

The new agency was flourishing

The switch went better than expected

He had always had good relations with the media

And his new clients were happy

Bright Ideas reputation started to slip

And a number of employees switched agencies

Quite a few joined James at Forward Thinking

Poaching staff was regarded as unethical

But no clause had been put in the contract

Howard started drinking

And the service to his clients started to decline

The agency was starting to lose money

And problems were starting up at home

Soon the agency was close to bankruptcy

It was all getting too much for Howard

Helen his wife asked for a separation

And moved out of the home

One night Howard took an overdose

And was rushed to hospital

He was assessed by the consultant

Who referred him to the mental health ward

Howard was starting to get delusional

His condition was getting much worse

He was transferred to the asylum

To be further assessed

And to be given long-term care

Helen eventually sought and was granted a divorce

Howard's condition failed to improve

He spent his time at the asylum deep in thought

Thinking up new slogans for clients

He had a layout board on which to plan his campaigns

He had few visitors

And time passed him by

He put together slogans for the asylum

"You would be crazy not to try it!"

"Caring is our business!"

The staff didn't know what to think

But he seemed content in his new environment

A world free of Bright Ideas and Forward Thinking


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