Tales From The Asylum

- Dark Poetry

Out of Time

 Wake up in the morning and fall out of bed

Try and get my head straight but I put it off instead

Don't want to carry on living just wanna be dead

But I put off the decision and listen to some music instead

Just looking for inspiration to make life worth living

So tired of a world that keeps taking and not giving

Trying to make friends leads to despair

It always seems to end with me pulling out my hair

So I am fat and bald

And I am getting old

Wish I was fit and bold

And not so stand-offish and cold

Trying to relate

But I am always consumed by hate

Trying to make amends

But I have no more friends

Take some pills

Deathwish thrills

They take me to see the doc

Then turn the key in the lock

They have taken away my liberty

I am undone by uncertainty

One thing worse than dying

Spending your life denying

Locked up in a cage

Consumed by rage

My sense of hope is all spent

Will the suffering ever relent

Too damn scared to kill myself

I am destined to end up on the shelf

In a dark forgotten institution

For people like me who lack resolution


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