Tales From The Asylum

- Dark Poetry

Silent Victim

Hannah sits all alone

Playing solitaire

Her dolls are close at hand

Providing her with comfort and support

There is Jermima and Jessica and Sarah and Sue

Sometimes they have a tea party

And tell stories about their past

Hannah is the hostess

And makes sure everyone has their turn telling stories

She ensures that everyone has enough tea and cakes

She sings too herself

And hugs her favourite doll

If anyone gets too close she shudders

The nurses have to be careful not to frighten her

Otherwise she may scream

She has grown used to the nurses

She realises they are only trying to help

She lives in her own little world

With her dolls she can go into the country for picnics

Imaginary journeys in the Summer sunshine

She has been in the institution since the age of six

Her parents were attacked in an armed burglary

They were both shot dead

Hannah was kneeling by the TV

Watching her favourite cartoon on video

When the burglars broke in

They lived in a rich area of town

The thieves were probably after jewellery

It was after midnight and everyone should have been asleep

But Hannah wanted to watch her video

She screamed when she saw the burglars

And her parents came running down stairs

And were blown away

Ever since Hannah has remained silent

Never speaking a word except when she talks to her dolls

She finds comfort in her imaginary world

A silent victim of a violent society

That hides away its victims

So that we can carry on with a clear conscience


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