Tales From The Asylum

- Dark Poetry

 The Calling (Internet Cult)

It was a Friday

And Angellica logged onto the internet chatroom

It was known as The Calling

A friend had recommended it

She was told that everyone was there to help

And they would listen to your problems

Over time she confided in the group

And they advised her

In time they invited her to meet the group

She was sent a private email

With the address details

She turned up to the meeting hall of The Calling

They invited her to join the group

She had to give up her job and hand over all her money

And help to recruit new members

By encouraging them to log onto The Calling chatroom

That is how they would flourish and grow

A global community with members from all over the world

The Calling group studied psychology and mind control

Their aim was to take control of the levers of power

And change the world for good

Their members would be educated in the ways of The Calling

And in time they would re-enter the world

And attain positions of power

Social, Political and Economic

Angellica prospered

She became a moderator of one of the chatrooms

Then she progressed to the private chatrooms

Where only special invitees were welcome

What are your innermost desires?

What holds you back from attaining them?

We are your friends

Our network stretches across the globe

We can help you

To find enlightenment

To find contentment

To find peace of mind

Angellica move up the ranks

But she started to have doubts

And began to ask questions

The elders were not happy

And threatened to banish her

She decided to leave the group

But the members of The Calling would not leave her alone

“You know you belong with us”

It all became too much

The mind control techniques had weakened her mind

She could not cope in the real world

So she sought the sanctuary of the asylum

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