Name                      Nigel 

Age                         42

Born                        Birmingham, England

Star Sign                 Aquarius


Favourite Bands       Pink Floyd

                                The Doors

                                New Order

                                Happy Mondays


                               Within Temptation

Favourite Films       It Happened One Night

                                Pandoraís Box 

                                Itís A Wonderful Life

                                Gold Rush 

                                Edward Scissorhands 

Favourite Actor       Clark Gable

Favourite Actresses Isabelle Adjani

                               Winona Ryder

                               Andie McDowell

Favourite Directors Tim Burton

                                Stephen Spielberg

Favourite Poets       William Blake

                                Edgar Allan Poe 

Favourite Books      The Chrysalids

                                A Tale of Two Cities

Favourite Sporting

Heroes                     Muhammad Ali 


                                Joe Montana

Favourite Food        Sweet and Sour Chicken

                                Chilli Beef