Time to Speak Out

The darkness replenishes my soul
My dreams help to restore my energy and imagination
I dream of great deeds and wild romances
In my dreams I am strong and gallant
In reality I am nothing but a shadow
People pass by and hardly notice me
I am nobody
I have a name but nobody calls my name
I shy away from the sun
I prefer to lurk in the shadows
I am still transforming
Or at least that is what I imagine
Is it a delusion or can I still transform myself
I want to be a heroic knight riding a great white steed
I want to rescue my damsel in distress
You may not live in a fairytale castle
But you are still looking to escape
We all want to escape our dismal lives
I think I am not the only one who lives in the shadows
We should help each other
And then our dreams may come true
If I try to kiss you would you withdraw your lips?
Or welcome me with a warm embrace
I long to hold you in my arms
We pass in the streets and I walk silently by
I let the moment pass and the dream fades away
Once more I am in the darkness
Only the brave can make their dreams come true
You have to grasp the moment and hang on for dear life
But I lack the courage needed to impress you and beguile you
I don't know what to say to you
I can write down the words but that is not the same
The spoken word is far greater than poetry
To hear someone's heart speak out for the world to hear
That can be both great and inspiring
I will dream of you and imagine you love me
But when the morning comes I will still be alone
I will shun the morning light
And seek the comfort of the shadows
So many lonely souls seeking solace in the darkness
A million voices afraid to speak out
Join us and one day soon we will speak out