Skeletons Of The Mind

I have the strangest dreams

I imagine armed skeletons with swords and shields

Rising from the ground

Just like in the film Jason and the Argonauts

I can't destroy them

I fight and fight with all my might

If I disable one another rises from the ground

I feel as though I am fighting against my past

I try to start afresh but continue to be harassed by my past

I have to fight these demons

I cannot start anew and repair the damage

These fierce creatures attack me with their swords

And strike at my flesh

The wounds ooze blood

I am feeling weak

I fall to my knees

And slip into unconsciousness

And then I awake

I feel worn out and quite disturbed

The start of a new day

With it comes the hope of new beginnings

But I know that in my dreams my past will return to haunt me

I need to end this fight

And bury the bones of my past life

These skeletons of the mind haunt my imagination

Let the battle begin again

I have no choice but to fight on

In time perhaps I will be free of these recurring dreams

And slowly I will be able to start anew