Night of Silent Contemplation

The pills and razor blade rest at my side

This is not the end but the beginning

I have had my low points

I have taken a few pills in the past

Only to obliterate the world from my mind

A few moments of peace

Before everything comes crashing down

Disjointed memories of an ambulance and a hospital

Drifting in and out of consciousness

How in Godís name has it come to this?

I reached out to so many souls

But they were too busy living their own lives

Moments of enlightenment followed by days of depression

But that was the past

Today is the dawning of a new reality

I have taken all that this world can throw at me

The pills and razor blade still rest at my side

But they are not going to see any action tonight

It is a night of silent contemplation

I put everything back in their proper place

This world can be a better place

I will fight on a little longer

The pills and razor blade will always be there

My silent friends who lead me into darkness

I am ready to stare into the light

At least for one more day