Lake of Drowning Souls

Journey into the darkest recesses of your mind

Far off chants signal eternal doom

You try to get away

Swimming through a dark, poisonous substance

Which seeps into your skin

A million drowning souls claw at your body

You desperately head for the shore

And scramble out

Onto an island you know not where

Witches and goblins stare back at you

With a hideous intensity in their eyes

You are their prey

A soul for the taking

An inner awakening

Onto a whole new world

Of evil and torment

Again you run

The sky is dark

And the shouts and screams are close at hand

They are ready to pounce

You must get away

You wake up

Safe for another day

But when you sleep

They will enter your dreams

Oblivious to your screams

One night they will take you away

To their world

And untold evil and torment

Will be your daily toil

“Sweet dreams!”